Depending on your situation your doctor may put you on different types of diets. These diets may include-

Low Fiber- If you have chronic or diarrhea or have diarrhea more often than usual, you may be put on a low-fiber diet to try and reduce the amount of diarrhea.

High Fiber- if you are experiencing constipation, you could be put on a high fiber diet to try and regulate and make your bowel movements easier.

Gluten Free- If you have been diagnosed with Celiac Sprue disease a gluten free diet is a MUST for the remainder of your life; any amount of gluten in a person’s diet with Celica’s Disease can make them very sick. Though a lot of foods have gluten, there are many ways to still eat good and healthy foods without gluten in them.

Low Sodium- Low sodium can help reduce blood pressure, and also help reduce the amount of fluid in your body; meaning your heart won’t have to work as much to pump all those fluids around. This can also keep your kidneys from working too hard, which will reduce your chance of kidney failure and your chance of getting kidney stones.