Patients Reviews

I've been a patient with Doctor Lal.. for many years. He has done many exams and procedures. He is very busy, but seems to follow through with all my medical issues. I talk to his nurses most times, inbetween, my procedures. I don't use the email thing that would connect me to the office, I don't with any of my Doctors, I just don't want my medical issues on the internet. I'm not comfortable enough , with my abilities to use the internet. I understand I'm not his or any Doctors only patient. But I'm also a senior with very little knowledge on working through the internet.

Susan M. | May 18, 2024
Dr Tabrez was wonderful. He listened to everything I had to say, went over all my records and we made an action plan. When I left the office I felt hope! He was great and it was so obvious he really cares. I'm so happy I found him.

Sherry J. | May 17, 2024
Dr Shams tabrez was great .He got me back on track .Took his time to explain everything with a pleasant attitude. Would highly recommend him

Karen B. | May 16, 2024
Very impressed with your PA.

Sandra D. | May 15, 2024
Dr Tabrez took time to explain my health issues thoroughly. He is knowledgeable and personable. His staff was very welcoming and helpful as well. Dr Tabrez 's Medical Assistant was extremely helpful. Alyssa? I hope I have the name correct.

Janet T. | May 15, 2024
The staff was polite, courteous and knowledgeable. Dr. Tabriz was very thorough he listened to my concerns and we made a plan together. Great Experience!

Sherry B. | May 15, 2024
It was too cold. We barely froze. Someone got hit when I had of me and they didn’t send her back to the waiting room that it was fine.

Sylvia D. | May 09, 2024

Judith R. | May 08, 2024